1) What if it is raining?

We will watch the weather reports.  In case of consistent, extreme bad weather, we will

do our best to notify teams the evening before the event.  All teams are encouraged to

constantly be in touch with the Tournament Director, Tournament website, social media

and got soccer. Games will be played as long as the field remains playable (as

determined by the Tournament’s Director or Money Gram Park) and there is no danger of

lightning.  If the event is rained out, we will notify the teams of the rescheduled date as

soon as possible.


2) How do I know if my team is registered?

A written confirmation will be provided to you via email and we will contact you via



3) Does Next Generation Cup provide the uniforms? Can we use our own uniforms?

Next Generation Cup does not provide the uniforms meaning that each team will wear

their normal team play uniforms.


4) Will the tournament be insured?



5) Can I wear any type of soccer shoe (cleats, indoor, etc)?

Metal cleats are not permitted.  All soccer shoes or cleats are allowed.


6) Will there be a trainer or emergency medical services on site?


Yes, we will have a certified Trainers/Paramedics onsite during tournament play.


7) Can I pay the same day of the event?

All registration must be paid in advance. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED



8) Can a player play in two different teams?

No.  ALL players may only play for one team.


9) Does every player need to sign a waiver form? Where can I get one?

Yes, every player and their guardian must sign a waiver. The waiver form is posted on

tournament website Waivers MUST BE COMPLETED for each player. No player will

be allowed to participate without a signed waiver. Waivers DO NOT need to be



10) Do we have to have a coach?

Yes.  Every team must have an adult coach on the sideline (up to 2 coaches per team).


11) What are the age groups and divisions?


U8 (2010s) - 7v7

U9 (2009s) - 7v7

U10 (2008s) - 9v9

U11 (2007s) - 9v9

U12 (2006s) - 9v9

U13 (2005s) - 11v11

U14 (2004s) - 11v11

U15 (2003s) - 11v11

*** Players must play in the age group of their birth year or older. Players may not play in a division

younger than their birth year.


12) Can I buy food or drinks at the event?

There will be food vendor’s onsite. We encourage teams to bring their own water and

water bottles.


13) How many players can I have on the roster?

• U8-U10 no more than 12

• U11-U12 no more than 16

• U12-U15 no more than 18

• U15 no more than 22


14) Can we change our team name?

No, once your team has registered and paid, there are no team name changes.


15) What is the refund policy?

Once the teams are registered there are no refunds.


16) Will the players need ID’s? If so what will qualify for acceptable “ID”?

a. Official player card issued by your association

b. Valid passport

c. Another form of ID, accompanied by a birth certificate


17) How much is to play in the tournament?


 U8-U10 $550

 U11-U12 $650

 U13-U15 $750


18) When is the deadline to pre-register a team?

Friday April 27, 2018 will be the final day. PLEASE CHECK www.gotsoccer.com or

tournament website There will be no late registrations accepted.


19) What do we get when we win?

There will be team trophies awarded to 1 st and 2nd place teams as well as individual

medals for each team member.  The tournament committee will also award an MVP

award for each age categories once the tournament ends. U13 champions will win a spot to the Bobby Rhine Invitational (team responsible for tourney fee)


20)  When do we get our schedule?

  Schedules will be available the week of the tournament.


21) Are teams able to pay by check?

Only cashier’s checks, money orders and cash will be accepted. NO PERSONAL



22) Can an individual player register to play in the tournament?

No, the tournament is for teams only and not for individuals.


23) What are the tournament rules?

Please visit rules section on tournament website for the tournament rules or you may pick

them up at the tournament offices.


24) Can a team bring in guest players?


Yes each team can bring up to 3 guest players.


25) How many games will each team play?

Each team is guaranteed 3 games.