MAY 18-20, 2018

General Information

1. All players, coaches and teams are in good standing in their respective league.


2. Team Rosters will be limited to a maximum of twelve (12) players for 8U-9U Academy teams. There are no guest players allowed for Academy teams. Team rosters will be limited to a maximum of sixteen (16) players for 10U-12U teams, including up to 3 guest players Team

rosters will be limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) players for 13U-14U teams, including up to

3 guest players. Team rosters will be limited to a maximum of twenty-two (22) players for 15U

teams, including up to 3 guest players.


3. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament.


4. Players will need to be prepared to provide proper proof of age and identity. Players must

provide a birth certificate and/or school ID or another form of proof of age in the event

someone questions a player’s age. Players who do not provide proof of age when asked will

cause their team to forfeit all games that player participated in.


5. A representative from each team must check in at Coach’s meeting or 3 days before the start of

the Tournament. The location of the Coaches’ Meeting will be made public to all teams accepted

into the tournament no less than 3 days after notification of acceptance. The representative

must bring their FINAL team rosters with them. Team representative must also have access to

players ID information if asked to provide it. Once rosters are turned in, teams are frozen and no

changes may be made. NO EXCEPTIONS!


6. Games will begin at 7pm on Friday, May 18 th and games will be stopped on Saturday afternoon for

presentation of teams and sponsors. ALL TEAMS must be present with team flags/banners



1. Each team must be presented in a uniform. The minimum accepted standard will be a jersey

with a visible unique permanent number and shorts (no number duplicates). No hand written or

taped numbers will be accepted. Any player that enters the field of play in violation of these

rules will be asked to leave the field of play until properly attired. All uniforms must be in good

taste with no vulgar or questionable language.


2. Each team must present a roster or game card to the referee/field marshal prior to start of the



3. Shin guards are mandatory. Shin guards must be commercially manufactured specifically for

protection of the shins and must be made of suitable material (rubber, plastic, polyurethane or

similar substance).


4. Each team will provide a suitable game ball to the referee prior to the game. Game ball will be a

#5 ball for 13U-15U and a #4 ball will be used for 8U-12U


5. Nets and Flags will be provided by the tournament committee. In the event a net or flag is

missing from the field, the game may be played at the referee’s discretion.


Duration of the Game / Scoring

1. The duration of the preliminary games will be two (2), twenty-five (25) minute halves with a 5

minute halftime. The Finals will have two (2), thirty (30) minute halves with a 10 minute

halftime. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation for the finals, there will be 5 penalty kicks

for each team. In the event of a continued tie score, the penalty kicks will continue until a



2. A game will be declared a forfeit if a team is not ready to play at the scheduled game time. In

the event of an unforeseen condition in which a team is unduly delayed beyond their control,

the tournament committee reserves the right to make an exception to this rule. Forfeit games

will be scored as 3-0.


3. 3 points will be awarded to the winner, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for the loser.


4. In the event two or more teams are tied in points at the end of the preliminary rounds, the

following tie breaker procedures will be used to determine the advancing team:

a. Goal Differential – team with the highest goal differential against opponents will advance.

b. Most number of “Shutouts” – team with the most number of Shutouts will advance.

c. Head to Head game results – winner will advance

d. Tournament Director’s decision


Miscellaneous Information:

1. All referee decisions are final. No protests, except for illegal players will be considered. In the

event a claim of an illegal player, the tournament committee will be notified immediately.


2. Protests: The only protests allowed will be to challenge a player’s age. To do so there will be a

NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $100. If a team executes 2 failing challenges during the tournament,

no further challenges will be accepted from that team.


3. Teams will be allowed unlimited substitutions during stoppage of play, with the referee’s



4. The home team will be the team that is on the left side of the schedule. The home team will

wear its lightest colored uniform. The visiting team will wear its darkest colored uniform. If a

conflict remains, the home team will change to resolve the conflict.


5. U10 and younger will not engage in heading. When a player deliberately heads the ball in a

game, an indirect free kick (IFK) shall be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the

offense. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the (IFK) shall be taken on the goal

area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a

player does not deliberately head the ball, play shall continue.


6. A game will be considered complete once the second half has begun.


7. Games suspended in cases of lighting or severe weather will resume once the danger has

passed. In the event of extended thunderstorms or severe weather or should the field

conditions be too dangerous to continue or subject the fields to serious damage, the

tournament committee will determine the resumption of play. If the tournament is postponed

due to inclement weather, the makeup date will be the following weekend.


8. Player misconduct (cautions and ejections) will be reported to the tournament committee after

each game. In the event of an ejection, the player is automatically disqualified from playing the

next game. All players receiving three (3) yellow cards during the tournament will be disqualified

from playing the next game. Any player ejected for fighting, joining in on a fight, or abuse and/or

assault of a referee or other players will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

Any player that is ejected must immediately report to the tournament headquarters before play

will resume. Failure to do so result in player’s team forfeiting the current game. Team will also

not be allowed to participate in future Next Generation Cup tournaments.


9. In the event a referee terminates a final match while the teams are tied, co-champions will be

declared. Both teams shall receive Championship trophies.


Player Age and Eligibility:

All participants must complete all requested releases before they will be permitted to register and


Age Division Birth Year Range

• Under 8   January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

• Under 9   January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009

• Under 10 January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008

• Under 11 January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007

• Under 12 January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006

• Under 13 January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005

• Under 14 January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004

• Under 15 January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2003

• Under 16 Januay   1, 2002 to December 31, 2002


• *** If you feel that your team is experienced enough to play up or would just like for your team to

get some experience. 8U-10U may not play up into a 11U or above division.


External conditions, Weather, Etc…

Regardless of weather conditions, players and coaches must be on the field at the scheduled time, ready

to play. In case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:

• If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the completion of a team’s first scheduled game of the tournament, a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the team’s entry fee may be retained by the tournament to cover start-up cost of the tournament.

• Be shortened – The Tournament Director may reduce the length of the matches due to weather

conditions before the start of the match; all such matches will be considered official.

• Reschedule (time and location to be determined by the Tournament Director).

• Go to “Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark”. (Time and location to be determined by the

Tournament Director).

• Cancel the tournament all together.

If the Tournament Director rules that Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be done, due to

inclement weather or field conditions, the following rules will apply:

• Each team will take a maximum of five (5) penalty kicks.

• At the end of five (5) kicks, the game will be scored 1-0 win for the team that made the most

kicks. If at the end of the five (5) kicks, the teams are tied, the teams will then advance to

another round of five (5) kicks until a winner is determined.


Only referees or the Tournament Director can suspend a match already started due to weather

conditions. Any one single suspension of a match may last no longer than ninety (90) minutes.


In the case of extreme weather (heat humidity), a break will be given at the midpoint of each half

regulation time and at the end of each overtime period (if played) for player hydration. This break will

be given at a normal stoppage of play.


The Next Generation Cup will follow the North Texas Soccer concussion guidelines, which includes all

potential head injuries being evaluated by the onsite Health Care Professional (HCP) designated by the

tournament director. Only the designated HCP can give clearance to a player that has been evaluated

for a concussion to return to the field.


Championship Final Ceremony

Following the completion of all championship games, the competing teams will present themselves to

Next Generation Cup Stage.


For further questions or info please…

Email: nextgenerationtournament@gmail.com

Office: 972-284- 9819